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Successful 3rd Annual CARITAS + 2ETS Community Day Held at CARITAS

2 End The Stigma Team at CARITAS for 3rd Annual 2 End The Stigma Recovery Community Day
2 End The Stigma Team at CARITAS for 3rd Annual 2 End The Stigma Recovery Community Day

On June 22 we gathered for the 3rd Annual CARITAS + 2ETS Community Day. It was a steamy, yet vibrant day, where various organizations and speakers from the recovery community gathered to raise awareness and share valuable information with the public. Held at the CARITAS Center in Richmond, the event featured engaging speakers, live music, and interactive booths. Speakers included experts in addiction recovery, healthcare professionals, and individuals with personal experiences, all offering insights into the challenges and solutions related to substance use disorders.

The atmosphere was one of solidarity and empowerment, as through education and open discussions we can continue to break down the stigma surrounding addiction. We encouraged attendees to not only enjoy the fun and activities of the day, but to ask questions, share stories, and connect with both professionals and peers who understand the complexities of substance use disorders. 

We'd like to personally thank friend and supporter, Vanessa Selik at Storybook Imaging for capturing the fantastic pictures from the day,  Hilary Phelps, Omar Abubaker, Olivia Emerson, and Benjamin Carr for serving on our panel, Anna Sothen for emceeing the event,  Kickeroo from the Richmond Kickers for bringing fantastic energy, Mike Klee of Black Ties Entertainment for providing balloon magic, our favorite DJ, RVA DJ Sandman LLC for spinning the tunes, and to the wildly talented Cameron Francis, for the live music!

Click below to view more highlights!

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